Our Service

We provide services to the following individuals

  • Elderly and sick individuals
  • Children
  • Paralyzed individuals
  • Stroke patients
  • Amputees
  • Visually impaired individuals
  • Dementia patients
  • Postoperative patients
  • ICU return patients
  • CCU return patients
  • Mentally unstable patients
  • Accident victims
  • COVID-19 infected patients
  • Others

Medical Equepment

  • Oxygen cylinder
  • Digital oxygen machine
  • Hospital bed
  • Wheelchair
  • Walker
  • Blood sugar machine
  • Suction machine
  • Blood pressure machine
  • Digital blood pressure machine
  • Monitor
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Physiotherapy machine
  • Others

Service Provided By NurseLagbe

  • will be present at the workplace on time.
  • The bud will measure pressure, pulse, fever, cough, respiration, etc. at the right time.
  • Take the right medicine at the right time, in the right amount, as per the advice of the
  • Wake up and clean your face and definitely take care of your eyes.
  • Take a bath
    at the right time, wash your hands, feet and back.
  • After 2/3 days save will be cleaned and hands and feet will be given to noth cart
    on time.
  • The patient should be seated or recumbent in a position that is comfortable for him.
  • Feed the right amount of food at the right time. NG tube if unable to take food by mouth
    Or will try to feed again and again in any way.
  • If there is
    any kind of wound on the patient’s body, you must always keep an
    eye on it and clean it.
  • If necessary, change the side after 2/3 hours and do dressing according to
    the condition.
  • Will help move the patient to the vet.
  • Toilet in bed, urine must
    NG tube, catheter must be taken care of.
  • Walk 2/3 times every day and massage body, hands, feet or exercise according to the needs of the patient.
  • Read magazines, story books etc.to the patient and talk to the patient nicely.
  • The patient’s used clothes, bed linen will also be stored.
  • VNecessary medical equipment must be kept clean and tidy.
  • Will treat patient’s parents with respect.

Will provide services as per their advice.




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Our client satisfaction rate

Our 97% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our field.

Read below what our clients have to say and learn more about what makes us the premier provider of in-home senior care.

Shara M. Caregiving daughter

Your help and assistance in this challenging period is greatly appreciated. Our entire family extends our thanks for all you have done.

Shara M.

Barbara S. Kelowna, BC

I am more than fully satisfied with the excellent service provided so carefully and so sincerely by each and every care giver.

Habib M. Calgary

We are confident leaving mother in nanocare’s quality care! They deliver wonderful service with a personal touch!

Jennifer R. Caregiving daughter

My Mom’s primary caregiver is wonderful. The nurse is wonderful and the overall experience was awesome!